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Our environmental management program is based on 3 pillars and aims to eliminate the impact on our environment.

Preservation Program

We understand the importance of preserving drinking water, which is one of our treasures

Reduction Program

We are aware of our responsibility to address climate change

Waste Management

We are committed to eliminating our ecological footprint on the land


Preservation Program

Traditionally, the distillation process requires a significant amount of water to cool the stills. Côte Des Saints has been able to innovate by using a process similar to geothermal energy.

The Côte Des Saints Distillery has 3 artesian wells located on the property. The first provides the water necessary for the production of highest quality spirits possible.  The other two artesian wells operate simultaneously in a closed circuit and are used only for cooling our equipment. The water from one well enters the distillery, travels inside several coils that are used to cool the stills. The hot water is then pumped deep into the well and then returns to the surface and gradually cools as it descends into the ground before starting its cycle again to the distillery.


Reduction Program

Côte Des Saints Distillery, since its conception, has been vigilant to implement strategies to reduce the carbon footprint on our environment.By locating our own fields adjacent to our production sites, it becomes possible to control all stages of production, restrict the use of fertilizers and eliminate long transports between the fields and our silos. At each stage of the production, we have selected the most appropriate energy source, favoring renewable or less polluting energies at every turn. Côte Des Saints Distillery also looks to give a second life to barrels that would otherwise be destroyed.The use of barley as the main ingredient allows for a significant amount of carbon to be fixed as the useful sugars of this crop  have a favorable footprint compared to other cereals used by other distilleries. The limited amount of carbon we produce does not have to go very far to be reabsorbed....

Waste Management

As an artisanal producer, Côte des Saints Distillery generates very little waste from its distillation processes.

Côte des Saints Distillery is proud to say that all consumables purchased are sorted and recycled before disposal.

Further, all organic waste such as brewery tank residue is collected and provided free of charge to local farmers to feed livestock as it is a quality food rich in protein. Côte des Saints is proud of this program, as it meets our corporate goal to minimize the impact on the environment and helps us to give back to the land and in the end, also supports our local community.

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